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R. A. W | Rapid Advanced Wealth


A power-packed 40min session for 10 days covering basic training module for anyone who wants to explore the world of healing through Homoeopathy from a highly experienced professional in the world of homoeopathy with more than 20 years of experience.

Course Duration: 10 Days, 40min session each day. Course Methodology: Lectures& Case Discussions.

About The Course Teacher, Dr Vrushali Saraswat. BHMS, FCAH.

Certified Professional Competance in Homoeopathy.  Certified Robert Carkhauff's model of counselling. Certified in REBT and CBT. Certified "Sex Educator". Creator of "Soul Spa" - a flagship program for enhancing "Happiness Quotient" Recepient of Savitri Gaurav Award.

Doctor by Profession, Healer by Choice