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Bahola ALFAFORTE is an excellent homoeopathic remedy for adults suffering from disorders relating to the nervous system such as weakness, neurasthenia, numbness and sexual functions. It hastens the process of tissue repair, cellular regeneration, improves blood circulation and digestion. It sharpens the mental sphere and also delays the aging process.
  • An efficacious restorative remedy for adults & elderly suffering from weakness, numbness, failing sexual functions.
  • Hastens the process of tissue repair, cellular regeneration.
  • Improves blood circulation and digestion.
  • Sharpens the mental sphere and delays the aging process.


Bahola ALFALFA is a high strength tonic for growing children, adolescents and adults who lead and active and stressful life. It tones up the appetite, has a calming effect on thus helps in coping up with the day to day pressures of modern life.


Alfiron banner Bahola ALFIRON is a malt based homoeopathic tonic especially recommended for growing children, adolescents and pregnant women. With its action on the gastro-intestinal tract improves appetite, promotes digestion, assimilation, absorption of food nutrients. It prevents and cures symptoms arising as a result of loss of fluids from the body and increases the hemoglobin content.
  • Improves appetite, promotes better absorption and assimilation of nutrients.
  • Increases haemoglobin content and prevents iron deficiency.
  • Alleviates tiredness, debility, weakness, etc.
  • General restorative tonic.
  • Promotes healthy weight gain especially in pregnant women.

Bahola Ferolac

Bahola FEROLAC is a homoeopathic haematic which cures anaemia and its associated symptoms such as weakness, lethargy, bone pain, weight loss, palor, anaemic headaches, vertigo etc. FEROLAC increases the haemoglobin content of the body.

Bahola Q3

Bahola Q3 is an effective antipyretic, analgesic medicine for all types of fevers and their associated symptoms. Q3 bring down fever rapidly, alleviates accompanying body-ache, cold and coryza.

Fi Phos

Bahola's  FI-PHOS i is a balanced combination of all the Five Phos salts namely Calcarea phosphoricum, Ferrum phosphoricum, kali phosphoricum, Magnesia phosphoricum, Natrum phosphoricum which make the combination a very effective stress reliever. Regular use off Fi Phos reduces mental and physical fatigue, stress, neurasthenia, insomnia, anxiety , anaemia etc.


Bahola’s SEPTIN is a natural immunity enhancer, which helps the body to build up resistances, fight respiratory and urinogenital infection. SEPTIN cures blood poisoning, puerperal septic Bad health consequent to Typhoid fever, chronic malaria responds well to SEPTIN. It prevents malnutrition, rickets and increases the haemoglobin content.